We provide professional expertise:

We specialize in providing business advisory, audit, internal control, tax, financial system (IT), book keeping and transaction services to a wide variety of clients.  

These include incorporation, established and start-up Companies.

Our long experience and deep understanding of your industry has allowed us to develop a specific methodology resulting in the most efficient and value-added execution of the work needed. We have provided professional services to industry leaders which gave us a thorough understanding of your company’s planned business operations.

In addition, in building our practice, we have integrated a wide range of professional talent to provide clients with a broad perspective and strategic insight into the financial and operational aspects of the Company.

Most notably, as providers of special audit, financial and advisory services, we are aware of the financial and operational issues that will confront your Company and have a proven record of providing solutions to issues that are tackled in today’s fast-changing, complex and challenging business climate.

Our Objectives is directed towards delivering support at three levels:
-----------> Audit, Internal control and reporting system that add credibility and reliability to the financial information released to you by the Company’s employees.
-----------> Assistance in delegating responsibilities, applying monitoring controls and compliance responsibilities.
-----------> Training, ongoing support and advice on internal controls over financial reporting from professionals who have in-depth understanding of your business and industry, including experience on industry best practices


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