I. Assurance Services “External and Internal Audit”

Throughout the audit process, we will accumulate data regarding many aspects of the company’s operations, not just on your internal accounting and management controls. From this data, we will identify items of interest and channel them to you. 

Our risk-focused reports concentrate on strengthening operations and procedures. Our comments will direct management’s attention to the most significant information, such as, essential improvements in internal accounting controls, revenue enhancement or cost reduction opportunities, ineffective or inefficient operating controls, policies and management information system.

Our “no surprises” approach will facilitate continuous communication with management. We commit to the following:


  • Bring forward-looking ideas to the attention of management.  
  • Issue timely management letters with substance, emphasizing financial and operational improvements and controls.
  • Act as a resource to management on business and audit issues identified in our management letters.  
  • Offer suggested solutions for enhancements to internal controls.
  • Assist the company to formulate action plans in response to our management letter comments.  
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